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Travel Fail: We Couldn't Find A Hotel

My family, like many others, have our own ways of doing things that work well for us.

Especially, when it comes to road trips.

In the southern US, it is very common to drive to your destination instead of flying.

So when my family left on our trip for Arkansas in early May, we had the intention of driving the whole way there, which we did.

Normally the way we do it, is we will drive as far as we can in one day. Then when everyone gets too tired we stop in whatever town we are in and book a hotel for that night, so that we can sleep and continue the next day.

On this trip, however, something went very wrong in a way we had never seen before.

We drove all the way from Atlanta, to Memphis Tennessee, and could not find a single hotel room.

We called close to 20 hotels (we had to look for dog-friendly ones because we had our dog with us) and they were scanning within 200 miles to see if there were any hotels in the same franchise with an opening.

There was nothing.

My family has always done road trips like this, and this is the first time it had ever gone wrong like this and as we pulled into a parking lot to sleep in the car that night we were all extremely shocked.

We slept a few hours that night before driving the rest of the way to our Airbnb, and by the time we got there we were all so tired, we slept the entirety of our first day there!

Has this happened to anyone else before?


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