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My 2022 Travel Recap

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The time of year has come again and I have decided to do another travel recap.

My 2022 was very different from my 2021, whereas 2021 had an INSANE amount of travel around the country for me. 2022 was much more concert based, and less focused on travel. I managed to go to twenty concerts last year, and only went on a few trips. But nonetheless, they were all still amazing and jam-packed full of cool and fun things that we did!

Taking A Moment To Reflect

At the beginning of every year, I like to take some time to think about the adventures of the previous year. It gives me time to be thankful for a moment for all of the amazing opportunities I was able to have, and all the adventures I was able to go on! highly recommend doing this when you have the chance because it is such a wonderful feeling to be able to do this!

July- Chicago Illinois For Lollapalooza!

The first time I traveled this year was in July. Ashley, Olivia and I went to Lollapalooza in Chicago Illinois to see J-Hope from BTS, and it was an amazing weekend.

It was our second time in Chicago, and ironically both times we went there for a concert, and both times it was for BTS.

This trip really reminded me why I love the city of Chicago so much, and I hope that I am able to go back again one day soon!

While there we were finally able to o a lot of the touristy things which we were unable to do the previous time.

Such as seeing the bean, eating at several amazing local restaurants, and going to the summit, where we took the elevator up to the observation floor and got to see amazing views of the city!

Since we went in July this year instead of May, we were also able to walk around without having to worry about the freezing cold weather! So we got to see part of the river walk, and even eat lunch right along the water!

We stayed in a hostel instead of a typical Airbnb or hotel, it was my second time and my friend's first time. It was such a good experience and the hostel was in such a good central location for everything that we wanted to do. We also made several good friends there who had traveled for the festival also, and they were even there to see the same artists!

Chicago 2022 Blog posts!


October - Newark and New York City!

On a very sudden change of plans, one of our favorite bands NCT127 announced two tour stops in the US, one being in Los Angeles California, and the other being in Newark New Jersey.

Since we live on the east coast, we decided to go to the Newark show at the Prudential Center!

Along with Chicago, New York is one of my favorite cities to visit. I don't think I could ever live there, but spending a few days time there is just enough for me!

We stayed in an Airbnb in Journal Square, which was within walking distance to many things!

As well as exploring that area, we also spent some time in Newark where the concert was, as well as of course in New York.

In the city, we always manage to spend most of our time around the World Trade Center, and we found this mall there which had a massive food court-style place that was filled with local businesses. we got ramen there and found a seat with a window that had a view of the water!

While in the city, we went to Times Square, and honestly ugh. I understand why locals never go there haha. But we also went to see a Broadway show!

The show we went to see was MJ The Musical! Which is a musical retelling of Michael Jackson's life through storytelling and his own songs!

We decided on that one because someone we went to high school with is in it, and also Ashley is a Huge Michael Jackson fan! Which was an amazing way to end our trip!


November- Atlanta Staycation!

This was yet another round of concert fun, but this time with my friend Olivia, she is a MASSIVE fan of the kpop band ateez. When they announced two back-to-back shows at state farm arena in downtown Atlanta, we decided to book a hotel nearby so we would not have to drive back and forward in Atlanta traffic each day.

We stayed at the Home2 Suites by Hilton downtown, and it was probably a less than ten-minute walk to the venue, and was also within walking distance to tons of good restaurants and coffee shops, as well as the tourist areas in Atlanta!


December- Carnival Sunshine Cruise!

This year, instead of doing a big Christmas and buying each other gifts. My mom, sister, grandma, and I went on a Christmas cruise on the Carnival Sunshine! It was a week-long and left out of Charleston South Carolina.

We saw shows, ate lots of good food, laid around in the sunshine, and also had stops in the Dominican Republic, Princess Cay, and Grand Turk!

While I did miss the Christmas vibes that staying home always provided, it was an awesome way to take a break from the yucky cold Georgia weather and get back into the warm sunshine for a while!

The food was amazing, the views were amazing, and it has me looking forward to my next adventure!

Overall, I would say it was a pretty amazing year! And look forward to what adventures 2023 has to bring my way!

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