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Cool Things To Do In Chicago Illinois

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

(All opinions are my own)

With the city of Chicago being the third largest city in the United States, it is no shock that it has so many incredible things to do there.

My friends and I have gone on two trips there now, and the whole time there was never a dull moment. So here is a list of some of our favorite things we did while there!

Why Chicago?

Both times we have visited the windy city, it has been to go to events. The first time was for BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself Tour in 2019, and the second time was to attend Lollapalooza, which is a music festival held in Grant Park every July!

This time around we stayed in a hostel instead of a hotel!


Cloud Gate

More commonly known as the bean, Cloud Gate is without a doubt the most widely known Chicago landmark that the city has to offer.

Inspired by liquid mercury, artist Anish Kapoor created this sculpture by using computer technology to make 168 stainless steel pieces, which were put together and welded shut!

Since its completion in 2006, the bean has become one of the world's largest permanent outdoor art installations and is a must-see when visiting Chicago!

Read more about it at


Chicago Riverwalk

This 1.25-mile strip of the walking path along the Chicago river is a beautiful sight to see, and an amazing way to spend an hour or two of your time exploring the city!

It is free to do on your own, and is littered with amazing places to take photos all along it!

This photo specifically was taken at Beat Kitchen, which is a restaurant located there!

We went here to take these pictures (and have lunch) because Jhope of BTS posted pictures the Friday before he headlined Lollapalooza!

There are also companies that offer boat rides or kayaking down the river, which we did not have time to do, but I am sure it is an amazing experience to have!


360 Chicago

This experience is located in the former John Hancock Center on the 94th floor.

It starts with a small walk-through of a museum of the history of Chicago, and then you take the elevator up to the viewing floor, which offers views of almost all of Chicago.

Tickets for just viewing start at $30 online for adults, but you can also do the tilt.

The tilt is when you hold on to bars and step onto a platform, and they tilt you 1,030 feet above the city floor below!

Tickets for the Tilt and View start at $40 online for adults!

For more information go to


Miracle Mile

The Miracle Mile of Chicago is a massive 13-block strip of shopping, dining, theatres, museums, and more!

It crosses right next to the river walk, and is home to some of the most iconic Chicago architecture that the city has to offer!

During Christmas time, it is decorated with beautiful light displays all the way down!

If you plan on being in the area for some shopping, make sure to take advantage of the scenery which will surround you while you are there!


Buckingham Fountain

This Chicago landmark is located in the middle of Grant Park and was originally opened to the public on May 26, 1927. Every hour it shows a water display for 20 minutes at a time, where a jet shoots water 150 feet up into the air!

It is open typically from May-October and is closed during wintertime.

This photo was taken on Sunday of Lollapalooza weekend 2022, which is why I am dressed like that and carrying my BTS lightstick!


3 Arts Club Cafe

If you are looking for a beautiful place to have a meal, this is where to go.

3 Arts Club Cafe was about a 20 min drive from our hostel. When we went, it was my friend's 24th birthday, and so we wanted to go somewhere a little fancier than our usual places.

So when she found this on yelp, we knew it was the spot to go!

Now, the food review will come later, but the aesthetics of this place were just amazing.

We sat in the atrium, and this was the first restaurant that I have ever been to where we sat on couches around the table instead of chairs.

I was worried about it being hot because of the glass ceiling, but they kept it at a very comfortable temperature throughout our time there.

On the bottom floor was the restaurant, and upstairs they had a furniture display area. So after we ate we went to explore the upper floors.

I am not totally sure if we were supposed to take pictures up there, but we did and no one said anything about it. We stayed quiet and respectful to the display rooms and the people walking through, and we never had a problem while there.

This window was my favorite spot because as you can tell, the beautiful chandelier and skylight from the restaurant are able to be seen in the background!


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