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30 Travel Savvy Stocking Stuffer Ideas

(Disclaimer: I am an amazon affiliate, so purchasing through these links will help me earn!)


Within my family, stockings have always been a Christmas tradition. It has always been around since my sister and I were kids, but as we got older we started a new tradition.

A few years back, my sister and I began doing the stockings for each other so that we would get all kinds of little knick-knacks for each other, and ironically this is always the hardest for me to figure out and decide what I want to get for hers.

What Is A Good Stocking Stuffer?

As a kid, stocking stuffers were always fun little things to play with or candy. But as an adult, I prefer to lean more towards practical, small, affordable items. As well as the typical Christmas candy or fun little toy thrown in just for fun. Everything on this list is $20 or under, and would make the perfect addition to a stocking!





Travel Aids



Maybe it's just me, but I love finding little things like toiletries in my stocking because then I don't have to buy them myself later on when I need to use them! Here are a few examples of some things that could be a good thing to include!

1. Reusable soap bottles

I recently bought these exact bottles to help prepare for my Chicago trip! The last set I owned broke when I dropped them, so I was in desperate need of new ones and so far these have done an amazing job!

They don't leak at all (at least so far) and are easy to refill with the various soaps I carry with me. Plus, since they are reusable they help me save money by not having to buy travel-size soaps, and help the environment because they can be reused!

2. Travel Toothbrush

Another iconic thing to give someone for Christmas. Everyone needs a toothbrush, and since these come in a multi-pack you could even give them to more than one person!

There are so many different options out there when it comes to these, that even if they prefer something different, whether it be the style of the toothbrush or bristle type I guarantee it's out there to find!

3. Poo-Pourri Spray

So, with these, I am sure we have all seen the commercials. they are silly and their marketing makes the product stick in your head because of it. I had never once used these up until July 2021 when I went on a cabin trip in North Georgia where my whole family had to share one bathroom. And let me just say. It is impressive how well these things work.

There are tons of smells and sizes to choose from! Now I never travel without one! (or two)

4. Breath Fresheners

You don't have to travel to want to have fresh breath, and these are something that is so useful, small, and cheap that you could give to anyone!

They are perfect for those moments where you need a little freshening up throughout the day, but don't have the time or ability to bring a whole toothbrush with you!



In this modern age, as much as we like to try and deny it, electronics and technology are extremely present in all of our lives. And when it comes to traveling, there are so many things out there that can help alongside your adventures!

5. Portable Charger

This is essential for any trip literally anywhere. I always have one of these in my bag even if I am just going to a coffee shop or to work. they are honestly life savers in so many situations and are the perfect small thing to include in a stocking!

The link I have provided is 2 for 21.99, making them around $11 each! Which makes it perfect if you have more than one stocking to make!

6. Cord Organizer

One thing that is always super helpful is cord organizers. All you have to do is wind up your plugs and chargers like normal, and then clasp these around them to keep everything tangle free!

This makes packing so much easier and it also helps to find things in your bag when you may not be able to pull everything out to search for the cord you are looking for!

7. Reading Light

If the person you are shopping for loves to read, consider a book light for reading!

It is perfect for those late-night travels by plane or car, and is small and portable so it is easy to throw in your bag to have ready to go!

8. Disposable Film Camera

At $20 a piece, these are such a good touch to any gift! I love the nostalgia factor that film cameras give, and the fact that you get one shot to take a good picture adds a ton of nostalgia to adventures.

One of these also lasts me quite a while, I am still taking photos on the same one that I have had since 2020 and am so excited to finally complete it.

9. Phone Mount

If you are planning a vacation where you need to ride on a plane, consider getting one of these. it clips onto the tray table on airplanes and holds your phone up so you don't have to!

This could come in handy for long flights, so then you can lean your head back and not worry about anything!

10. Power Converter

One thing to remember if going to Europe is to get a power adapter, so that is something that you could include also! This is a must if traveling to Europe so it would be so helpful to get this for them.

11. Electronic Pouch

While this item isn't nearly as small as the others, I still think this would be a great gift, even if it was used as something other than a stocking stuffer!

The organization of how it is done is such a crucial part of travel, and I love how many pockets this has, and how small it is which makes it easier to pack!

12. Waterproof Phone Holder

As someone who spends a lot of time in and on the water in the summertime and on vacations. A waterproof phone holder is something I always bring with me!

Whether paddle boarding on a calm lake or ocean kayaking in the pacific, these give a such good piece of mind if you bring your phone with you!

13. SD Card

SD cards are perfect for someone who enjoys photography or is wanting to get into taking photos more often!

They are small and useful and you can never have too much storage!

I myself have three or four of these and alternate them depending on what I am using them for!

14. Camera Strap

If your person has a camera that they love to use, another thing you could get them is a camera strap! Every camera normally comes with one, but getting a cute and fun one is such a good way to customize them!

They come in all different colors, patterns, and designs so I am sure there is the perfect one out there for you waiting to be found!



Journaling is one of the best ways to document your trips, while also having the ability to be completely creative and unique! Here are a few of the millions of options of journaling items to choose from!

15. Travel Journal

Coming in seven different color options, this travel-inspired journal is one that could be the one for you! Inside there are prongs similar to a binder, meaning you can switch pages in and out depending on what you need!

Being able to remove the pages also means you can lay them flat while working on them, and then put them back in when finished which makes things so much easier!

16. Pens

Pens are essential, whether you are in school or not. they are such a useful tool for being able to accomplish so many different things!

Fineline pens are some of my favorites to use especially when journaling!

17. Airplane Stickers

Some super adorable airplane stickers to use on Journal spreads!

Perfect for a cute little travel page, or even to give to kids and family!

18. Stamp Stickers

Now, I know these are not real stamps, but they give the cute aesthetic touch of stamps while not being nearly as costly as real ones.

Add these to your pages for a nice splash of color!

19. Some Cool Vintage Looking Postcards

Of course, these are not real vintage postcards, but they give the same vibe!

For a pack of 60, at $14 a pack that makes each one 23 cents! which will give a ton of options, for a great price!


Travel Aids

Some general ideas for things to maybe get your person which will help in their general traveling experience and make it more enjoyable!

20. Gift Cards

(Please note, that $2,000 is the default amount that shows up when linking to a gift card and that I am not saying to buy someone a 2K card... unless you want to I guess haha)

I know that a lot of people don't like buying gift cards, but I honestly think they are great gifts. Because then the person can get whatever they choose which can help remove some of the anxiety of finding a good gift.

21. Uno Cards

Uno gives tons of family fun for all ages! I have played this game with kids as young as five, and depending on the kid they could possibly play it even younger than that!

A timeless classic!

22. Playing Cards

Another classic addition to any travel bag, and any stocking.

My family always travels with cards no matter where we go, it gives the perfect game to play that is small, portable, and doesn't have a ton of pieces to keep track of.

With a classic deck of cards, there are also dozens of game options to play!

23. Eye Mask

A great addition to any road trip, these will help make sleep so much easier by blocking out all those annoying lights!

Because they are a pack of three, that makes each one only around $3.33 ! So these are super affordable.

24. Ear Plugs

There is no doubt about it that sometimes when traveling, unwanted noise can make it hard to sleep. So these are the perfect way to solve that problem!

I also always recommend taking some earplugs to music festivals as well. Because it can get extremely loud there, and these will help protect your ears from the speakers and screams!

25. Passport/ Vaccine Card Case

This cute brown passport case in gender neutral, so it could be a great gift for anyone.

It also has a pocket for your passport (of course lololol) as well as a separate one for your vaccine card! This helps make it easily accessible for the places where you are required to show proof of vaccination to enter public spaces!

26. Passport Case

I wanted to find another cute option for a passport case, that did not have any country listed on it! So many of the cases I found online were US-specific, but here is one that has several different color options that do not have any country listed on the cover!

27. Book Marks

Another thing that comes in a pack, so you can gift it to multiple people!

I know for a fact that bookmarks are something I lose so often when I use them, that I can never have too many!

28. Pill Travel Compartment

I know this says it is meant to store medication, but you also can use them to carry smaller accessories like earrings or rings!

Using things like this will help keep everything neat and tidy, and since they are so small you can pack multiple to carry more things to make outfits pop!

29. luggage tags

Help their bags not get lost by getting them a set of luggage tags!

They clip on to bags and have a space for you to write your contact info and address in case they get misplaced in transit!

30. Another Luggage Tag Option

Another cute option in that shade of brown that I love so much!

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