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Arkansas Airbnb Review

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Why Did We Stay In Mt. Ida And Not A Bigger City?

On our trip to Arkansas my dad, sister, our dog Celsie and I stayed in Mt. Ida.

A small town in the middle of nowhere Arkansas, that was a semi-short way from Hot Springs and also an equal distance from a few of the crystal mines which is the main reason why we went on our vacation there in early May.

Read about our crystal mining adventures here!

What Was The Airbnb Like?

The apartment we rented was built inside a barn, there were two bathrooms, a living area, a kitchen-type space with a microwave and fridge, and a one-bedroom upstairs that held all three of us. We each even got our own beds!

It wasn't massive or overly luxurious, but it was just what we needed since we would not be there for a large part of the day.

It was also very clean!

The air conditioner worked well and kept us cool (once we figured out how to use it haha) and my dog loved being able to run around in their spacious yard!

The Best Part

My favorite part about it though was the view.

And the shower.

The shower they had was massive, and the water pressure was amazing! It stayed nice and hot as well!

But it was the view that really sold me.

The Airbnb was only a few hundred yards from a massive river.

Since it rained hard the first day we were there, we weren't able to go down to it because of the raised water levels, but there was a viewing spot right next to the apartment with chairs set out that my sister and I sat at every morning to have our coffee and tea!

It was an amazing way to start the day, just sitting outside in the cool morning air hearing the rushing water.


The Area

Of course, there were a few gas stations, a grocery store, and a dollar general.

But outside of that, I think there were four restaurants and that was the entirety of the town.

According to Google, Mt. Ida has a total population of 1,100 people. So that will give you an idea of how calm it was there.

Another thing,

Everyone was so nice!

Being from the south, it is totally normal to find friendly people everywhere, but it was like everywhere we went every single person we met was extremely friendly.

Would I Stay There Again?


In the future, if we end up going back to Arkansas to explore more of the state, I would for sure stay there again.

It had a great central location which was right in the middle of everything we wanted to do this time around, and we found even more things that we wanted to see but didn't quite have the time for!

So I would love to be able to go back one day and see more of 'the natural state'

For more information on where we stayed, here is a link to their page!

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