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5 FREE Photo Spots in New York City

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

If there is one thing I think all of us can understand about New York City, it is how quickly things can get very expensive.

As a 20-year-old with a budget, one of my favorite things to do when going to a new place, is looking for fun things to do that are free of cost that can double as a really cool picture to add to my Instagram gallery.

Through my trips to New York, these are a few of the places that I find myself looking back on the most.

Some are painfully obvious tourist spots that everyone knows about, but I have thrown in a few that not many people realize are such cool spots.



If you want to get some iconic and recognizable photos from your trip to NYC, this is very obviously the place to go.

It's very easily accessible, the whole street feels like it goes on forever.

So there are thousands of places you could go to to get fun, interesting, and unique pictures to spice up your camera roll.

A fun thing to do is watch the cycle of ads on a billboard in the location you want to take a photo in front of , and pick your favorites in the rotation.

Try timing the pictures you take to the ads you like the most so they show up in your photos, it makes a fun little challenge and can also be an interesting concept if you have a theme going on your Instagram or social media account.



If beautiful views of the area surrounding Manhattan Island are what you are looking for, this is the place for you.

I never would have thought to go to this area of the city, but after a wrong turn trying to find Battery Park on the southern tip of the island, we came across a harbor with dozens of yachts and views of New Jersey across the waterways.

Definitely, a nice calming walk to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city!

The nice thing about this is, you could go anywhere along the shoreline to see amazing views!

Because not many tourists think to come here there is no one space that it gets busy at, so any spot has creative potential anywhere you go!



One of the most photographed places in the whole city.

The bridge is a connector to Brooklyn (hence the name) and offers some of the most stunning views of Manhattan.

It is almost impossible to get a bad picture here, and there are so many different angles and options to choose from.

Whether you want to try to get a perfect Instagram picture, a family one, or just a shot of the skyline of downtown New York.

This is definitely a must-see on your trip to the city!



Ah yes, the iconic bridge picture so many people have, and believe it or not, this is not actually the Brooklyn Bridge!

It is the Manhattan Bridge, the smaller, sister bridge.

The location to see the famous cobblestone street is at the intersection of Washington and Water street in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

This is an active road, so while getting your shots make sure to be observant for cars trying to pass through the area.

Another tip: because of its popularity, the further you get into the day the more tourists fill up the street so get there early if you can.

The photos I got were taken at around 7-8 AM and there were already probably around twenty other people there.

Of course, it is open to the public all day, so you don't have to get there as early as I did, but if you want to get a chance to get a photo with no other tourists in the background the earlier you get there the better!


MoMA (Modern Museum Of Art)

This location is not always free, but there is one day a week where the Museum of Modern Art has hours where any guest can be admitted in for free.

This Museum has some amazingly beautiful pieces inside its walls.

The free hours are much more crowded than on a regular day, but if you just want to go for fun and don't want to spend the money it is the perfect opportunity to see some amazing artwork as well as get some photos!


If you go to any of these spots, make sure to tag me on Instagram and let me know how your experience was! Hopefully, you find these locations as fun and inspiring as I do!


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