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8 Fun Things To Do In North Georgia This Summer

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

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Summer is one of the most fun times to visit the state of Georgia!

While the weather is typically very hot, and humid, and at times pop-up showers become the daily norm, it is when so many of the seasonal things that the state has to offer are up and running!

So because of that, the summer is the time when our state comes alive!

There are so many options of things to do, everyone has their own favorite things to do when the weather is warm! So because of that, I have compiled a list of the top things everyone always discusses doing as their favorite summer activities!


Tubing is one of the most traditionally modern-day southern things you can do. I feel like everyone who was born or has spent any amount of time in the southern united states has either gone tubing or heard of tubing.

For context, tubing is where you go on an intertube and float down a river. The most popular place to do it is the Chattahoochee River. It even has its own name for doing it there

Shoot the hooch

There are dozens of places where you can do this in north Georgia, prices typically range from $10-$15 and they have the tubes, life jackets, and a shuttle you can take. Each place offers different things so make sure you check before going to make sure you are prepared!

A common question that people wonder is what to wear tubing, and the answer is there is no one right answer! Some groups come fully clothed and some groups wear bathing suits. So just wear what makes you comfortable! (Water shoes are a good idea as well because you may have to walk in the river to get in/ out and it is always good to protect your feet!)

Mountain Road Trip

The North Georgia Mountains are only a two-hour drive from Atlanta and have some of the most beautiful views in the whole state.

They are filled with amazing hikes, camping, and small towns that hold a lot of Georgia’s history.

Another thing that is commonly found in the mountains is wineries! There are tons of them scattered about, and they are a great way to try new things while also having an amazing environment to hang out with friends and family!

Some notable towns in the north are Dahlonega, Helen, and Blue Ridge!

Dahlonega is world-renowned for its gold!

Helen is Georgia’s town that looks like it was plucked straight out of Europe and dropped right in the mountains! It has an Oktoberfest festival every year that is very well known around the country!

Blue Ridge is known for its natural beauty, it is only 90 miles away from Atlanta, but it feels like you are truly in the middle of nothing but nature. The town's population according to the 2020 census is just over 1,000 people!

Gold Panning

Another thing that Georgia is famous for is its gold!

In Dahlonega, the old courthouse building in the center of the square is the state historical site called the ‘Dahlonega Gold Museum’ and it takes you through the history of the Georgia gold rush! Admission is $8 for adults, $6 for kids 7-17, and is free for kids under 7 years old.

Right in Dahlonega, you can also go panning for gold! Two of the best ones are Crisson Gold mine and Consolidated Gold Mine!

If you decide to go up to Dahlonega, it also has a very good cafe right across the street in the square!

It is called Picnic cafe and & Dessertery and they have southern pecan flavored coffee, and it is so good! I always have to get a drink there whenever I am in town!

Camp At A State Park

The peach state has 50 state parks throughout its land, each one with its own characteristics that make them all so unique. Prices vary from $23-$50 depending on where you go!

There are also thousands of other campgrounds as well, each one different in its own way with what they offer and have on their property!

Get Boiled Peanuts From A Road Side Stand

Nut allergies beware!

This activity on the list isn't as much of an activity as it is a thing to snack on!

One thing you will often see if you are driving around the northern half of the state is roadside produce stands. They are often small wooden buildings, that will have tons of fresh produce and nic-nacs to browse through.

But the boiled peanuts are why most people stop at them, no one really knows the exact origin of where the concept of boiling peanuts came from. But peanuts were brought to the Americas by the slaves from Africa, so historians think that is probably where the idea came from.

They were often eaten by field hands in the early days.

During the civil war, food was scarce in the south, but one thing they had a lot of was peanuts. The people would cook them in fires and since they were easily portable a lot of people ate them.

For more history on Boiled peanuts check out the National Peanut Board!

Nowadays, boiled peanuts hold a lot of nostalgia for most people in the south, you can find them almost anywhere, including gas stations. But the best ones are always from the roadside stands where they good them in massive vats! They typically only cost a few dollars a bag.

Go On A Hike

Georgia has such beautiful natural features! So of course there are some amazing hikes to go on here! Some of the best in the north are:

Appalachian Trail: The whole Appalachian trail is of course not in Georgia, but the small section that we have is typically where many through-hikers begin their 6-month journey of hiking across the United States!

Amicalola Falls

Tallulah Gorge

There are also TONS of waterfalls to check out as well! This is perfect for summertime because you can get all hot and sweaty on your hike, and then cool off in the swimming holes!

For more information on all of the amazing hikes, check out @_asipoftee_ on Instagram! Her account is about getting out and exploring all of the beautiful nature Georgia has to offer while also encouraging diversity in the outdoors!

Visit Filming Locations

One thing about Georgia is that it is very ecologically diverse. Our state is made up of five regions, which means that if you start in Atlanta, within two hours you could be in the mountains, beach, or plains depending on which direction you choose to go.

Because of that, many film companies have set up here to create their projects.

Many of the filming locations are private and closed to the public, or kept a secret. But there are many places that are open for people to see and are even real businesses.

Some of the most notable are:

Stranger Things

The Vampire Diaries

The Originals

The Resident

The Hunger Games

Many of the newer Marvel Movies (Ant-Man, Black Panther, End Game, Ect)

There are hundreds of things that have been filmed here over the years, so I am sure that everyone has at least one thing that they have seen that was made in Georgia!

To check out the full list, here is the link to the film and production page of!

Pick Peaches!

Georgia isn’t called the peach state for no reason!

We have some of the best peaches in the world, and many farms around the state open their doors and allow people to come and pick their own peaches to bring home! It is a very fun experience for anyone, including children because then they get to see where some of their food comes from!

Prices vary from place to place.

Peak peach season is in July!

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